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Get Started with Give a WOW for your business.

You'll be surprised how easy and cost-effective it can be to implement a Give a WOW peer recognition program in your business. Give a WOW is a subscription-based solution that is scalable to fit your organization's needs. There are reward options for any budget. In no time, you can be up and running with a full-featured peer recognition solution, customized for your business.

Which Give a WOW is Right for Me? Comparison Table

Compare Give a WOW QUICKSTART and Give a WOW PRO.

Give A WOW QuickStart


Perfect for:

Teams or small departments.

An organization-wide program.

Recognition Wall

Displays recognition events and nominations. Participants can comment and applaud.

Displays recognition events and nominations. Participants can comment and applaud.

Administrators can add notes and special events in the marquee section that will display for all employees.

Recognition Categories

Customizable to align with your unique mission, vision, and values.

Customizable to align with your unique mission, vision, and values.

My Awards

Not available in Quickstart

Get customized tangible awards and gifts options for any achievement. Employees can redeem awards online.

Optional Custom Branding

Not available in Quickstart

Printable Certificates Included Included
Participant Directory

Organize employees by name.

Organize by name, department, location, and teams.

Manager-to-Employee Recognition

Anyone can give recognition for great work—managers and employees alike

Robust permissions settings enable you to give managers, supervisors and directors oversight of their groups and departments; powerful reports; and even a budget to reward their teams.

Manage Participants

Administrator can add/remove users.

Administrator can add/remove users

Administrators can upload participant lists

+ Give a WOW can be integrated with your employee database software. Personnel changes made in your company's database are automatically reflected in Give a WOW.

Review Nominations

Quickstart includes non-tangible peer recognition. Recognition posts instantly to the group wall. Administrators can remove/hide posts.

Workflow can be customized for your business. Different approval structures can be designated for each award level based on your needs (committee approval, manager approval, multiple manage approval, etc).

Reports & Metrics

Includes basic reports.

Includes full-service reports.

Award Categories

Award categories include: Customer Service Excellence Above & Beyond Innovation.

Choose from preloaded award categories, and you have the option to customize your own based on your business priorities.

Award Levels

Not available in Quickstart.

Choose from preloaded award categories, or customize your own based on your business priorities.

Facebook/Twitter Integration Included Included
eCards Included Included
iPhone App Free App Free App
Android App Free App Free App
Single Sign On (SSO)

Not available in Quickstart.

Service Anniversary Integration

Not available in Quickstart.

+ Displays upcoming employee service anniversaries on your company wall. Employees can redeem service award gifts through Give a WOW.

AwardPoints Integration

Not available in Quickstart.

Award points for important contributions. Points can be redeemed for customized awards.

Program Launch and Training

Give a WOW is easy & intuitive for anyone to use. FAQ & help videos are available for support.

Give a WOW Pro is easy & intuitive for anyone to use. Program launch services and onsite training are included to ensure the best user experience & maximum engagement. Your Give a WOW team is available for support.

Cost View Pricing Request a Proposal

"+" means optional upgrade.

6 Tips for a Successful Peer Recognition Program

  1. What Contributions Are Important to Your Business? Effective recognition supports your mission, vision, and values. Your Give a WOW program is customized so that recognition is tied specifically to your corporate objectives.

  2. Be Inclusive. In an effective peer recognition program, any coworker can nominate a peer for going above and beyond. Give a WOW builds an inclusive recognition network within your business that creates powerful visibility for the attitudes, behaviors and contributions that make your business go.

  3. Make Recognition Visible. Highlighting the positive things that are going on in your organization is a powerful business tool for so many reasons. Keep recognition at the forefront of your workplace culture through offline and online communications.

  4. Reward Appropriately Sometimes a simple thanks is all it takes to make someone's day. And sometimes you need something more. Give a WOW's integrated award mix is customized for your business needs. You'll be equipped with appropriate gifts and awards to say thanks for contributions great and small.

  5. Make it Easy Our motto is “simple is better.” With Give a WOW, giving recognition for great work is easy for everyone. When it comes to managing the program, Give a WOW is flexible to work with virtually any organization's workflow needs. Often department managers review employee nominations within their teams. For top recognition awards, a recognition committee may select recipients. For some achievements, a threshold number of nominations automatically qualifies the recipient for special awards. Whatever your workflow needs, we have a WOW for that. And if you want some guidance in developing the process, we have a WOW for that too.

  6. Make it Fun. Giving and receiving recognition should be a positive experience for everyone involved. With Give a WOW, recognition is fun, interactive and authentic. What could be better than that?!

Additional Services

Give a WOW can stand alone as a peer-to-peer recognition program, or it can be integrated as a component of Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Platform. 360 Recognition can combine all of your recognition programs…

360 Recognition Wheel
  • Service Awards
  • Performance Points
  • Training Module
  • Manager-to-Employee Recognition
  • RecognizeMe! On-the-Spot Recognition Kits
  • and much more






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