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Give a WOW PRO

Give a WOW PRO

Give a WOW PRO is a full-featured peer-to-peer recognition program, robust enough for a global organization and scalable for smaller businesses. It's everything you've ever dreamed about for peer recognition in your business.

  • Single-sign problem!
  • Integrate with your employee database software...done!
  • Support diverse language preferences for employees across the globe – bien sûr!
  • Customized interface to reflect your brand – absolutely!
  • Launch and training support - your WOW team is at your service!
  • Your mission, custom awards, robust reporting, and more.

With Give a WOW PRO, your program is flexible, customizable, and robust to meet your organization’s unique objectives. Our Give a WOW specialist team will work with you launch a program that meets your needs and your budget. Check out our mini gallery below to view sample sites that incorporate the client’s brand, corporate, colors and messaging. With Give a WOW PRO, build your brand and support company pride!


Your Brand. Your Culture. Your Give a WOW!

With Give a WOW PRO, you have the option to customize your organization's brand, corporate colors and messaging. Build your brand and support company pride!

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