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Experts agree, effective recognition is...

  • Timely
  • Personal
  • Tied to Mission, Vision & Values

Give a WOW is peer recognition done right! It’s the premiere platform that helps businesses create a dynamic culture of recognition with engaging interactivity, real-time wall posts, and exciting award options. Scalable for businesses small and large, only Give a WOW is customized to reinforce your organization’s unique mission, vision, & values. Fuel passion and potential in your organization — Try Give a WOW Today!


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I want...

  • A program for my small department or team
  • To be up & running in minutes
  • To manage simple start-up myself
  • Full interactivity with simple integration

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Give a WOW


I want...

  • An organization-wide program with all the bells & whistles
  • Customized look & feel
  • My own Give a WOW support team
  • To integrate service awards & more in one hub

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The Peer-to-Peer Recognition Solution!

Designed for the way people communicate today.

Are your employees passionate about the ways they can achieve and contribute? Learn how People's Choice Credit Union increased visibility for staff achievements, connected team members across locations, and achieved an average of 4 recognitions per employee in their first year with Give a WOW.

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Why Give a WOW?

Give a WOW connects people to each other and a shared mission through genuine appreciation.

  • Easy to use
  • Simple to manage
  • Visibility for successes
  • Instantaneous recognition
  • Identify rising stars
  • Tie in your corporate values
  • Encourage positive personal interaction
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