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How it Works

Get the ins and outs for how Give a WOW makes it FUN, EASY, and EFFECTIVE to give and receive recognition for great work every day.

How does the Give a WOW Module fit with Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Hub

Learn about Terryberry’s complete recognition solutions and how the Give a WOW peer recognition module can integrate with service awards, performance points and more in a total employee recognition platform.

The 3-minute Overview

Get the quick low-down on how Give a WOW works and how it makes giving (and receiving) recognition fun, easy, and effective.

Woohoo! You’re in the Program! What’s Next?

Here’s how to get set up and start WOWing. Learn how to login for the first time, upload your photo, sync with Facebook/Twitter, Follow Peers, Give some Recognition.

How to Nominate Someone for Recognition

Watch how easy it is to nominate someone for recognition with Give a WOW.

How to Review and Approve award Nominations

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to review and approve award nominations through the administration dashboard in Give a WOW

How to Change Your Language Preference

Give a WOW PRO can be translated into 70 different languages at the user level. This means that no matter what language you speak, you can experience Give a WOW in your own native language. Learn how to use the translation feature in this tutorial.