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FAQ: Learn how our peer recognition award program works

Do my employees need to have internet access to participate in GiveAWow?

With an internet connection, your participants can give and receive peer recognition awards easily with just the click of a button, and they can keep in touch with the achievements in your business through their online employee Recognition Wall. However, your employees can benefit from the GiveAWow peer recognition program even if they don’t have internet access. Use our On-the-Spot Nomination Stations to allow employees without a web connection to share positive feedback on their co-workers’ exceptional performance and nominate peers for special awards.

How are Employee Nominations Reviewed?

GiveAWow’s sophisticated peer recognition award approval and redemption system has features to fit virtually any organizational structure. Any co-worker can nominate another for special peer awards. You choose how awards are approved at different achievement levels. Peer awards can be approved automatically based on criteria such as the number of nominations. Or nominations can be reviewed and approved by a committee or manager. Locations and divisions can each have their own approval rules.

How are awards redeemed?

GiveAWow’s integrated peer recognition award redemption system automatically notifies recipients with a congratulatory email and a posting on their online recognition wall. Recipients simply click on the link to redeem their peer recognition award and make their selections. GiveAWow keeps a history of peer recognition awards received so employees can track their progress.

How do I start a GiveAWow peer recognition program in my business?

Getting started with GiveAWow is easy. The first step is to contact us. A Terryberry representative works with you to customize the features of the peer recognition program for your business and integrate the award options you select. We’ll also help you launch the program to your participants. The process is easy and Terryberry’s peer recognition experts are there to guide you. You can have your peer recognition award program up and running in just a few weeks.

How can I encourage participation in a peer recognition program?

GiveAWow does much of the work for you! GiveAWow provides ongoing communication to your group about achievements and successes in your business. This keeps your peer recognition program visible to employees over time. The community interaction component that is unique to GiveAWow creates opportunities for personal and group interaction that make giving and receiving recognition fun and contagious.

How does GiveAWow fit with my other employee recognition initiatives?

GiveAWow integrates seamlessly with your other Terryberry employee recognition programs to create a complete recognition solution. You can manage all of your employee recognition initiatives conveniently from one dashboard. GiveAWow also increases the impact of your other employee recognition programs by creating opportunities for additional peer acknowledgement. When integrated with your length of service program, GiveAWow automatically communicates service anniversaries to your group so that coworkers can congratulate each other on milestone dates. GiveAWow can also integrate with your Points-based performance program to increase participant engagement and interaction.

Does it take a lot of time to manage a peer recognition program?

No, your GiveAWow peer recognition award program is easy to manage and easy to participate. GiveAWow puts the recognition ball in everyone's court. Now that any employee can nominate another for doing a great job, more of the important contributions in your business will get the visiblity and appreciation they deserve. The nomination process is simple and fun. Reviewing nominations and giving awards is as easy as the click of a button. The easy-to-use admin dashboard gives you one-touch management of nominations & approvals, with at-a-glance reports to monitor your program.

What web browsers are supported?

For optimal performance GiveaWOW supports the following web browsers: Internet Explorer 7+, and the latest versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome.